Unlike investing in conventional private equities, investing in early-stage startups might take a lot more pre- & post-investment efforts, simply due to:


There are little to no performance record.

Mutual trust is weak as you've probably just met them.

Keep track of their post-investment performance is tedious.

Private exits are almost mythical. 


There is a solution if your investment can be professionally managed. ​

Project sourcing

Backed up by our startup incubator - HackLAB and partnership with several renowned accelerators and coworking spaces, Catalyst Ventures has an established pipeline to source a wide variety of quality startups.


Project assessment

Being serial entrepreneurs ourselves, we know what it takes to become a successful business. Not just in theory, but in real practice. We have an unorthodox methodology to assess early-stage startups, one that encourage justifications instead of raising doubts.  

Project valuation

Catalyst Ventures valuate startups base on the same factors as everyone does. What differentiates us from others is our understanding of the team and our experience in the industry. What we do is to strike the fine balance between the worth of the business and startup's incentive to further dedicate their effort.

performance tracking

Keeping track of your early-stage startup investment performance can be very tedious, especially when you have a portfolio of them. Catalyst Ventures tackle this problem by setting up scheme of actions to take, including identifying KPIs to regular reporting, making sure investors are updated with recent progress.

exit strategy

Not all investors want to sit until the end for the highest return. However, exiting in the private market can be extremely difficult given the lack of connections to relevant VCs and M&A opportunities. Being a professional player in the scene, Catalyst Ventures have access to first-hand news and opportunities, as well as connections to other regional investors, increasing your chance to realise your investments gains.

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